Certificates of Appreciation

The Directors of Species 2000 and the management of the Catalogue of Life Partnership wish to express their sincere

appreciation for the loyal contribution of validated data and expert knowledge to the Catalogue of Life, the most comprehensive and authoritative global index of species currently available, uniting the voice of the taxonomic community in a single service, by presenting Certificates of Appreciation.

The certificates are annually presented to the representatives of Global Species Databases contributing to the Catalogue of Life for a period of 10 years.

The presentation usually is combined with the mini-symposium following the Catalogue of Life Global Team Meeting. The first certificate was presented to Paul Schoolmeesters on 2 April 2015 at VLIZ, Oostende, Belgium.

The receivers of a Certificate of Appreciation

In 2016:
Thierry Bourgoin for FLOW
Rafaël Govaerts for World Checklist of Selected Plant Families
Michael Malicky for Zobodat
Ard Nijhof for TicksBase
John Noyes for Universal Chalcidoidea Database
Jan van Tol for Global Species Database of Odonata
Peter Uetz for The Reptile Database

In 2015:
David Eades for Orthoptera Species Files
Rainer Froese for FishBase
Paul Kirk for Species Fungorum and other fungi databases
Elliot Lefkovitz for International Committee on Taxonomy f Viruses (ICTV/MSL)
Pjotr Oosterbroek for Catalogue of Craneflies of the World (CCW)
Norman Platnick for World Spider Catalogue (SpidCat)
Yuri Roskov for International Legume Database & Information Service (ILDIS)
Michael Ruggiero for Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS)
Paul Schoolmeesters for World Scarabaeidae Database (Scarabs)