Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BoD, max 8 members) manages Species 2000 on behalf of the members between AGMs. They represent Species 2000 legally, deal with international policy and business issues, appoint new Directors (to be confirmed in the AGM), appoint and authorise ‘The CoL Global Team’ including appointing the CoL Global Team Chair, and appointing and authorising the Executive Secretary. Directors contribute expertise to the organisation and work closely with the Executive Secretary. The BoD elects a Chair and also appoints a Company Secretary. It usually meets two times per year, in different continents. The Board currently consists of:

Dr Peter Schalk
Executive Secretary and Chair of the Board of Directors
(Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Netherlands)

Prof. W. Alex Gray
Company Secretary and Treasurer
(Computer Science & Informatics, United Kingdom)

Mrs Leen Vandepitte
Catalogue of Life Global Team Chair, Ex Officio Member
(Flanders Marine Institute, Belgium)

Mr Francisco (Tjess) Hernandez
Member of the Board
(Data Centre Manager, Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ), Belgium)

Dr Keping Ma
Member of the Board
(Professor of Plant Ecology in Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Mr Jeroen Snijders
Member of the Board, representing the host
(Associate Director and CIO at Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Netherlands)

Dr Edward DeWalt
Member of the Board
(University of Illinois, Prairie Research Institute, Illinois Natural History Survey, USA)

Pr Thierry Bourgoin
Member of the Board
(Muséum National d' Histoire Naturelle, France)