Catalogue of Life Global Team

Catalogue of Life Global Team

The CoL Global Team (max 20 members) consists of active participants who contribute to the taxonomic and IT policy, and to the design of the work programme. Team members bring in expertise in the field of taxonomy, biodiversity informatics and/or as Global Species Database (GSD) or regional checklist custodians. The Team develops criteria for selecting global and regional taxonomic content, ensures the project’s liaison in the taxonomic and informatics communities, recommends a work programme to the Directors, monitors progress of work and deals with quality maintenance issues. It meets every 6 – 9 months, rotating between continents. Working Groups (max. 15 persons) may be set up by the CoL Global Team for special areas. Two working groups exist: Information Systems and Taxonomy. The working groups are led by a member of the CoL Global Team but may include co-opted non-members.


Members of the Catalogue of Life Global Team

  • Nicolas Bailly (Canada)
  • Olaf Bánki (Netherlands)
  • Maria Marta Cigliano (Argentina)
  • Markus Doering (Germany)
  • Anne Fuchs (Australia)
  • Stephen Garnett (Australia)
  • Donald Hobern (Australia), ex officio
  • Tsuyoshi Hosoya (Japan)
  • David Nicolson (USA)
  • Li-Qiang Ji (China)
  • Thomas Orrell
  • Thomas Pape (Denmark)
  • Richard Pyle (USA)
  • Lauren Raz (Colombia)
  • David Remsen (USA)
  • Michael Ruggiero (USA)
  • Jacek Swedo (Poland)
  • Leen Vandepitte (Belgium), Chair
  • Nina Wambiji (Kenya)
  • Haylee Weaver (Australia)


Members of the Taxonomy Group:

  • Nicolas Baily (Canada), Chair
  • Olaf Bánki (Netherlands)
  • Thierry Bourgoin (France)
  • Maria Marta Cigliano, (Argentina)
  • Mark Costello (New Zealand)
  • Edward DeWalt, (USA)
  • Donald Hobern (Australia)
  • Jeyaraney Kathirithamby (United Kingdom)
  • David Nicolson (USA)
  • Thomas Orrell (USA)
  • Geoffry Ower (USA)
  • Thomas Pape (Denmark)
  • Richard Pyle (USA)
  • Tony Rees (Australia)
  • Yuri Roskov (USA)
  • Michael Ruggiero (USA)
  • Jacek Szwedo (Poland)
  • Leen Vandepitte (Belgium)


Members of the Information Systems Group:

  • David Remsen (USA), Chair
  • Markus Doering (Germany)
  • Tim Robertson (Denmark)
  • Bart Vanhoorne (Belgium)